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The Northern Line (signed copy)

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Signed editions of The Northern Line.

Dominic Stevenson takes you on a journey down The Northern Line with a rucksack of memories over his shoulder.

Leaving breadcrumbs along the way, he reminds us that we must unite when experiencing our toughest of times. In the face of strife we must love more fiercely, with more intensity, and more often than in times of societal ease. Only by rising, roused by love for those who love beside you, can tyranny and misery be conquered.

The Northern Line isn’t just a way of getting from A to B inside the walls of London. It’s a journey itself, a way of life.


Fran Lock, author of Flatrock and The Mystic and the Pig Thief: “Here is a way in to thinking and talking about the issues that affect all our lives, told with unflinching frankness and unabashed empathy.”

Mab Jones, author of Poor Queen: “These are poems with a large heart and a very fine sense of the fragility of our transient human experience”

Sara Hirsch, UK Poetry Slam Champion: “The eclectic mix of passionate pleas to humanity and subtle musings on moments missed is perfectly balanced and makes for an urgent and surprising read.”

The Northern Line is published by
Winter Goose Publishing